Christoph Nix

Christoph Nix (PEN Germany) obtained a PhD in both Law and Theatre Studies. He has published several novels and a series of crime novels set in African countries such as Uganda, Togo, Burundi and Malawi. In addition to his works of fiction, Christoph Nix has numerous publications in law and theatre studies.

Christoph Nix: Verräter sind einsam

In der Geschichte wimmelt es von Denunzianten. Aber einige sind auch Helden Verrat ist so alt wie die Geschichte der Menschheit. Das berühmte und unstrittige Beispiel für Verrat im Neuen […]

Christoph Nix: A storyteller and champion of justice

Christoph Nix launched his latest crime novel “Kongotopia” with a reading at a Dillenburg bookshop this month. Kongotopia – Tender Land, Christoph’s fourth crime novel set in Africa hit the […]

Pit bulls in Somerset East

Nash has found a dog. He is spindly and shaking. A small, frightened creature. Has he been beaten? He is not angry. On the contrary, he needs lots of love. […]

The betrayal

A friend was on the phone. A man was in the office of the Protestant Student Community. He was a resistance fighter from South Africa and needed accommodation. But according […]

September Release: Kongotopia by Christoph Nix

In Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world, the president is preparing for his third term. His cabinet mates clash over the succession and the Defense Secretary is […]