Helena Troskie

Just before Helena Troskie received the good news that she was to attend the Kommadagga Workshop, her grandchildren came to visit her in Jeffreys Bay for a week. Because of this, she read the message only two days after it has been sent to her. 'That morning I woke up in peace and quiet, alone. For the first time in days I thought about the workshop. So, I got up and grabbed my glasses and cellphone on my way to the bathroom. And in my inbox I saw a message starting with: "Congratulation! I hope that I'm bringing you good news on this Monday!"' She sped through the house in record time, and kept repeating an astonished expletive under her breath. When she finally came to herself for a moment, she read Theo Kemp's email properly and promptly phoned five people to tell them her news with fanfare. Helena grew up on a sheep farm outside Jansenville, but also had the opportunity to work and live in countries such as Uganda and Iceland. She writes short stories and regional stories.