Nele Van den Broeck

Nele Van den Broeck (1985) is a theatre maker, musician, frontwoman of the band Nele Needs a Holiday and has been a regular columnist at De Standaard for eight years. Nele studied music production at the London College of Contemporary Music. Previously, she simultaneously studied Drama at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and German and Spanish at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She lives in Brussels. Nele’s work addresses themes such as psychological vulnerability, big dreams, hilarious failures, and philosophical mundanity. Her work is a constant quest for the manual of life. She has taken an atypical path, which took her through theatre, then music, eventually leading her to writing and back again. In 2019, an anthology of Nele’s columns, Halfvolwassen (Half Adult), was published by Uitgeverij Horizon. Her debut novel Iemand Anders (Someone Else) was published in 2023. Photo credit: Kaat Pype


Het is beschamend hoe onwetend ik was. Pas nu ik een paar weken op schrijfresidentie in Zuid-Afrika mag vertoeven besef ik hoe weinig ik wist over dit land met duizend […]