Zama Moyo

Zama Moyo lives in Johannesburg. He completed his honours in international relations at Wits University. While busy with his honours, Zama was selected as an intern at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). He completed his MA in ideology and discourse analysis at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. Zama has always loved words and penned a number of reflective essays on his personal blog Thought Box. He has also written on a broad range of issues related to current affairs. In 2013 he was selected as a finalist in the Global Human Rights Essay Contest which focused on ‘Human Rights Cities’. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis – On the intersection of ethics and public policy – at the University of Pretoria.

Note from the Furnace.

I’ve just written to my Pen Pal Jodie Groener, who has in fact somehow felt like a kindred soul the moment we were e-introduced by a mutual friend.In my letter […]

The Great, Great Repetition

At a certain point in your life there will appear to be a general theme of things coming up again and again. Something you heard in the conversation with the […]


If you try to gaze your gaze at Something in the corner of your eye, It ceases to be                                 peripheral. * You must trust the blurry Truth, without before […]

For JG

Do not let the hard moons pass by(e) Are they not congruent with the cycle of the sun? Do they not share the same Space with the Stars? And as […]

Part 3: The Standardization of Opulence

Before addressing the ‘so what?’ of this series of articles (as promised at the end of last week’s post), I want to turn one last aspect of the topic itself. […]

Part 2: The Standardization of Opulence

In last week’s post, I spoke about standardization as ubiquity- the notion that wealth is and ought to be freely available to everyone. The second dimension of standardization is the […]

Part 1: The Standardization of Opulence:

First, I want to foreground the idea that opulence has been rendered or portrayed as ubiquitous. It is freely available if only one would satisfy some arbitrary criteria of ‘hard […]

Love Must of Necessity

Love must of necessity quiet beAnd set the beloved boundlessly freeNot silent; let voices of doubt decreeAnd ruin the prospect of bended knee.

In Defence of Semantics

Semantics is why South Africans get mad when our president offers an apology for the confusion as opposed to his wrongdoing. That’s not splitting hairs; that’s holding the Prime Servant […]

In Marital Sex

In marital sex, there seems a perfect-terrific-confluence of desire and dutyDuty and desire;Where ‘want’ and ‘should’intermingleAnd one cannot tell themApart.

I Haven’t Written Anything  

I haven’t written anything in a while, but I’ve been itching to.My ideas range from a follow-up novel (my debut project is in development) to a completely new one (the […]


Seeming un-happenings