Shireen Mall

Shireen Mall is a writer and academic from Cape Town, South Africa, who obtained an honours degree in English literature at the University of the Western Cape and a master’s degree in creative writing at Rhodes University. She is the author of the long research essay “The Goodbye Letter” (WritingThreeSixty, 2018). Shireen is particularly interested in the various approaches to writing the self, how fickle memory is, poetics (as in form) and psychological trajectories, which she hopes will come to the fore in her current offering, M O Y, a novel of creative nonfiction. When she is not studying, she works in the English Department of the Education faculty at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, where she teaches LOLT (language of learning and teaching).

A shot in the dark

A shot in the dark. I think this is what I initially thought about my application to the JGF residency programme, taking it rather lightly. And once it materialised, I […]