Sphesihle Vusimuzi Qwabe

Sphesihle Vusimuzi Qwabe was born in a small Kwazulu-Natal village. He was raised by his grandmother who, as a retired teacher, read to her grandchildren every evening. He is 29 years old and works for a Foschini store in Johannesburg. Sphesihle completed a national diploma in public relations. He spends every lunch break reading and then writes every evening when he gets home. He writes because he firmly believes that this is what he was meant to do; it is his calling and contribution to this world. He is never so at peace as when he holds a pen in his hand. He is fully committed to the art of writing and is determined to make writing his full-time occupation.

Sihle Qwabe: How the mighty have fallen

Mbalenhle leaned towards Simphiwe and whispered, “How long has that car been at your gate?” Her fragrance had a tincture of vanilla in it.Simphiwe loved her scent. He stole a […]

Drum Magazine: The Resurrection by Sihle Qwabe

“Revealing the real-world inspirations behind some of the characters in the novel, Sihle says, “Bantu Zulu was inspired by an elderly gentleman I once met handing flyers in the streets, […]

Sihle Qwabe speaks about his novel The Resurrection

Author Tshwanelo Serumola speaks to Sihle Qwabe, author of The Resurrection. A thrilling tale of mystery and suspense, danger and daring. Booksellers The Resurrection Sihle Qwabe ISBN: 9780795710827 Publisher: Kwela […]

The Midnight Rider

How far would you travel just to have sex?Kabelo had driven the three hundred kilometres from Johannesburg to Newcastle in over three hours for a girl he had met on […]

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‘Slick, smart and scintillating. This novel pulses with energetic, cinematic prose.’—Sifiso Mzobe The Resurrection – a thrilling tale of mystery and suspense, danger and daring.Sihle QwabeKwela, 2023 The excerpt: He […]

New Release: The Resurrection by Sihle Qwabe

About this book: Victor Zulu has to take control of the family-owned club in which both his father and brother were killed. Will he be next? He’ll have to watch his […]