Nixon Mateulah

Nixon Mateulah was born in Lilongwe in Malawi and moved to South Africa in 1996. Running Home is a fictional memoir based on his experiences when arriving from Malawi in South Africa during the early years of the South African democracy. He has published a number of short stories and poems in various online and print publications.

Eye Contact

It is 5 a.m., my shrieking alarm clock wakes me up. The winter cold stabs my face like a knife as I poke out my head from under the blanket. […]

Whisperings of a Gmelina Tree

Life was going well in our family like any other poor household in our township, until one uninvited, cruel guest – death, visited and took away our only breadwinner: my […]

Nixon Mateulah: Salt in the Tale

Exorcising Jinn One day your grandpa, Sheikh Malik and I were walking through a neighbourhood in Zomba. We heard a strange screaming of a child, so strange that your grandpa […]

Discoloured Truth

You have messed up our country,           says a white man. You messed up our country,           says a black man.                                            You are messing up our country now!           says […]

Flash non-fiction: Kampala Heat

I have just arrived in Malawi from Cape Town. It was such a long three-day, boring journey by bus. My feet are swollen from sitting on an uncomfortable seat and […]

Nkgwana Magazine: Issue 1

Edited by Gala Morake, Bhasani Mlambo, Phumelele Manitswana First published in 2023 by The UCT Poetry Society © Contributors Logo Design: © Naledi Siluma Editor’s Note “Our lives are marked […]

Time to say goodbye

I have overstayed my visit in this hapless land. I came as a child in an adult body strapped on my shoulders were burdens of my father. * My borrowed […]

The Transporter

We are going to South Africa to look for work. Our country cannot give us work. Our corrupt leaders are digging early graves for the people. People are starving like […]

Violence in Silence

Sorry that I was rude yesterday. You always say that love that is not shown is very expensive to get than the one you get cheap in public. These days […]

A Country We Lost

People are chewing the country’s national flag. The rain does not bow onto the land. They have turned water to wine. The sun refuses to rise. They have crucified Thomas […]

The Journey (Cape Town 1999)

A mad man with ragged dreadlocks wearing a dirty white Steve Biko T-shirt, is upsetting the city council’s bin, the innards of bureaucrats puked out onto the pavement. Shaking his […]

To All The Books I’ve Loved Before

The early years in Malawi                                                                            Being born to parents, who had never been to school; many wondered where I drew my love of books. The only books that I saw […]

Living on Sidelines

One Saturday afternoon after work at around three, my boss and I leave for Muizenberg beach. It is very hot today. We find the beach full: black and white people […]

Whisperings of a Gmelina Tree: Short memoir

They’re exercising their duty to hunt down immigrants like game and heartlessly send them back to their broken homes. Just like what apartheid did to the privileged white children – […]