Citizen Connect supports JGF youth literacy facilitator’s work in Pearston, Eastern Cape

Citizen Connect is providing support to the Jakes Gerwel Foundation’s Books Project leader Nompumelelo Sokoyi’s work in a youth literacy project Pearston Reading Club youth gathering. Pearston is in the Blue Crane Municipality, Eastern Cape where Ms Sokoyi visits schools to help children with their reading.  

Click on the link to read more about Ms Sokoyi’s work as a literacy facilitator.

Blue Crane Book Project: The gift of books and reading | Paulet House Stories (

Citizen Connect and the Social Employment Fund’s intention is to provide part-time, temporary employment to previously unemployed South Africans across diverse sectors, all while contributing to the capacity and resilience of individuals, and our partners’ projects, as well as to the common good—or the social economy, as we like to say—and to a healthier environment, fostering more sustainable and equitable futures.

Part-time work leaves people with enough time to pursue other opportunities, as well as to take care of their other responsibilities. It also provides participants with proof of their participation and skills developed, enhancing their chances of further employment or engaging in other income-generating activities. Moreover, it offers participants a chance to connect with their potential and to lead productive and meaningful lives.

The Citizen Connect Program and SEF’s commitment to collaboration, sustainability, and positive impact is a testament to its dedication to creating a brighter future for communities. Join us on this journey of empowerment, growth, and change.

1: Cape Winelands Biosphere Citizen Scientists inspecting water quality.

2: Sarah Baartman West Fire Protection Association receive briefing.

3: A participant of Care Career Connect waters the plants in the tunnel.

4: A Jakes Gerwel Foundation Pearston Reading Club youth gathering.

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