Mentorship Programme for Upcoming Writers of Fiction and Non-Fiction

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This programme, which we offer in partnership with NB Publishers (with imprints Tafelberg, Human & Rousseau, Kwela, Queillerie, Lux Verbi and Pharos), aims at supporting emerging writers during the process of developing their manuscript and making it publishable. We focus on those writers who have never published a book before and who don’t quite know to go about to pen their story down or express their ideas. It also aims at giving a helping hand to writers who don’t have the means to pay for entrance fees to a writing school.

Knowledgeable and experienced mentors guide the participating writers by means of intensive group sessions as well as by giving them individual, one-on-one mentoring. The writers and mentors work together in Paulet House in Somerset East during scheduled contact periods and continue the mentorship relationship during the rest of the year by e-mail. This programme focuses on both fiction and non-fiction in English and Afrikaans.

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